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delicious pizza

At Little Nicki's Pizza, we have a large variety of gourmet and traditional pizzas. You will love our homemade food. Choose from a wide selection of pizzas, including pita pizza, fajita pizza, and buffalo chicken pizza.


You can also order our specialty pizzas, including stuffed cheesesteak pizza,

stuffed spaghetti pizza (spaghetti, sauce, and mozzarella), and stuffed pepperoni

and sausage pizza.


Visit our restaurant today to sample a pizza made with the freshest ingredients.

Specialized in a variety of appetizing pizzas

Call us to order pizzas from our family owned and operated pizza shop.


delicious pizza

Your gourmet and traditional pizza headquarters

• Pepperoni

• Sausage

• Hamburger

• Bacon

A wide range of pizza toppings available

• Extra cheese

• Garlic

• Black olives

• Broccoli and onions